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Now reviewing games until I get a better PC

2010-11-18 01:24:26 by Emphinix

Well, I haven't been working on Cloud vs. Link since last year. Well, when you're older, you have greater responsibilities. The good thing about me now is, that I review video games. You can follow me at Twitter: <a><a />

Visit my game reviewing website at: <a><a />

Sneak Peek

2009-06-25 01:35:22 by Emphinix

After 14 months I am still working on my Cloud vs. Link Flash. So I decided to give you a sneak peek at last.

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I hope you enjoy it.

Hello ppl. Here is an ad for you to view my walkthroughs at

My address: inix

Hope you like my wallpaper of Ivy Valentine

Not only in Flash. But photoshop too

After Cloud vs. Link

2009-02-02 13:59:28 by Emphinix

Hello again!

Well, now that February has entered I hope y'all have a good Valentine's Day on the 14th. I just want to say that after watching Smash Kingdom Melee, I was inspired by Alvin-Earthworm to do my own Super Smash Bros Flash Series.

Right now I am writing the first episode, and the series will be comprised of 15 episodes. So you will see some characters from Brawl and others that never made it to Super Smash Bros Brawl or it's previous games.

That is what I have planned after I have finished my Cloud vs. Link Flash Movie. So, I might start working on the first episode in Spring Time.

Take care.


First of all, I hope you had a great Christmas with loads of presents and a Happy New Year

Well, I got some good news. My schedule at work softened since one of my co-workers returned, and the good thing is, that I will have more time to finish what I started months ago. So I will start this Friday to make it again.

It might end up being published in March or April. And April will commemorate one year since my first Flash movie. So, I will re-start it once again, and I assure you, no more compromises because of my work.

Giancarlos Calderon

It pains me to say that I had to cancel my Cloud vs. Link project due to many problems such as the lack of making a menu for the movie and worst of all, work! I hardly have any time to put myself to work with the movie since I am uploading walkthroughs on However, I have planned a project until I find a way to rewrite my Cloud vs. Link Flash Movie.

I feel bad about it, but my work has been extremely demanding these past few weeks. So, my project I've been planning is a sprite version of Goku vs. Superman. I've already seen a Flash Animated version here in Newgrounds.

So I hope I have more time for my project, so when Goku vs. Superman is finished, I will remake Cloud vs. Link.

I will also practice on making menus in Flash. So, I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a Happy Holiday Season

Seasons Greetings

Latest "Cloud vs. Link" News.

2008-10-31 21:10:50 by Emphinix

I haven't worked a long time with Cloud vs. Link due to work and walkthrough uploads on But now, the good news is that I have found better sprite sheets for my second flash movie. And now I have nothing to worry as long as I begin to work with my movie once again.

Now that I will restart again without having to re-write the script, I hope that I can release this new movie of mine by Christmas since it will take some time. As people say "Rome was not built in one day". So, thanks, and have a Happy Halloween.

The Emphinix

Link vs. Cloud delayed

2008-07-24 14:23:20 by Emphinix

This is unfortunate news. I have decided to delay Cloud vs. Link because of some problems. I have a job and a personal matter to take care of. Besides, my uncle is in the city, and he's busting my brains about gaming and shit. I hate it when he does that grrrr!

Well, that's pretty much the whole thing. Also I have been cleaning my PC's memory and putting game walkthroughs on YouTube. So in the meantime, please be patient for my next project. Thanks

Hello ppl.

I just wanted to say that I hardly have time to continue working on my next flash movie these days. It is because now I have a part-time job at my bro-in-law's and it is quite tough for me. But I am still working on it and it is looking good so far with V-Cam working. However, I will always make it arrive on August.

So be patient

Giancarlos "Emphinix" Calderon